Practice Areas

Criminal Offenses
Facing criminal charges will be just about the most daunting experience a person will ever face. Being convicted of any crime, no matter the severity, has the potential to carry with it long-lasting and damaging effects. Not only are certain fines, fees, and court costs going to arise, but damage to your reputation and the loss of employment are also very likely outcomes. And that is to say nothing of the loss of your freedom if you are found guilty and sentenced to prison. Read More »

Traffic Offenses
There is a tremendous upside to hiring a qualified attorney if you have been charged with any traffic-related offense in Alexander County that most motorists overlook. You obviously will have a much greater chance of being found not guilty by retaining a knowledgeable advocate to champion your defense rather than going it on your own. And whatever costs you think you might be saving by representing yourself are sure to be dwarfed by the certain spike in your insurance premium if convicted. Read More »

Driving While Impaired
Being arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated in the State of North Carolina is serious. Not only will you be forced to spend the night in jail and have to pay to hire the services of a knowledgeable attorney, but a conviction would create the onset of an entirely other and long list of expenses and problems, both socially and professionally. Read More »

Domestic Law
Nothing matters more in the world than family. Our entire firm understands that the happiness, good health, and well-being of loved ones, whether they be children, step-children, spouses, parents, step-parents, or grandparents, is of paramount importance to you. We therefore approach every family law case with an extraordinary level of compassion, one that lets our clients know they have chosen an advocate who will relentlessly fight for the fair and just outcome they seek. Read More »

Child Custody & Child Support
Most divorce decrees will include an order specifying the child custody privileges of each parent, and the topic of child custody often times triggers highly intense and contentious battles between the parties to any dissolution of marriage. Read More »

Automobile Accidents
With an infuriating number of motorists talking and texting while behind the wheel, our streets and highways in the State Of North Carolina have never been more dangerous. It's a sad reality we are forced to confront in the age of smartphones and tablets. And all of those distracted drivers are leading to an increase in both the number of overall accidents and the number of fatal crashes. Read More »

Medical Malpractice
Medical professionals make mistakes. It's a simple fact of life. As much as we would like to believe that the people in whom we place so much trust are infallible, the reality could not be further from that ideal. Physicians, nurses, lab technicians, first-responders, and other hospital personnel are faced with the same stresses and personal problems as everyone else in the world. The only difference is that when they allow themselves to become distracted and commit errors on the job, lives are at stake. Read More »

Social Security Disability
Whether you have recently become disabled and can no longer work, and you need to file a first-time claim for Social Security benefits, or if you have previously been denied the Social Security benefits to which you are entitled, and you require legal representation to initiate an appeal, Harbinson, Brzykcy & Corbett can assist you. Read More »

Workers Compensation
No matter how may precautions you take at work, and no matter how many safeguards your employer has seemingly put in place, accidents are going to happen. This is especially true for blue-collar workers whose jobs, by their very definition, are dangerous. When mishaps occur, you are entitled to have all of your expenses covered in a reasonable time frame. Read More »

Wills & Estate Planning And Administration
Estate planning is something a lot of people avoid, but with careful planning and preparation, you will do a great service for your loved ones. Every plan is different and every plan deserves the undivided attention of a skilled attorney to maximize the benefits to your loved ones. Read More »