Criminal Offenses

Facing criminal charges will be just about the most daunting experience a person will ever face. Being convicted of any crime, no matter the severity, has the potential to carry with it long-lasting and damaging effects. Not only are certain fines, fees, and court costs going to arise, but damage to your reputation and the loss of employment are also very likely outcomes. And that is to say nothing of the loss of your freedom if you are found guilty and sentenced to prison.

The importance, then, of retaining the right attorney if you have been arrested and charged with a crime (or if you believe that an arrest is imminent) anywhere in Alexander County can never be overstated.

When you come to Harbinson & Brzykcy, Attorneys at Law, we will be happy to explain all of your options during a no‑cost, no‑obligation initial consultation. Whether it is a drug‑related charge stemming from possession or sale of illegal narcotics or something far more consequential such as murder, assault, or robbery, we encourage you to call us today so we can begin to learn the actual facts surrounding your case -- not merely what a police officer or district attorney alleges you did.

Traffic-related charges also can have a terribly negative effect on the lifestyle of our clients, as any suspension or revocation of your driver's license can make it nearly impossible to get to work, run errands, drop off and pick up your children from school, day care, and summer camp, and simply participate in the leisure activities you've enjoyed throughout your lifetime. As such, Harbinson & Brzykcy, Attorneys at Law has dedicated an entire page for both DWI Arrests and other more common Traffic Offenses.

Once we are successful in exonerating you from the crime with which you've been charged, we are also able to purse either an expungement or expunction of your record so your chances to suffer any alienation within the community or loss of income opportunities are mitigated.

The attorneys at Harbinson & Brzykcy, Attorneys at Law are straight-shooters who will never sugarcoat his assessment of the prosecution's chances of achieving their desired outcome. We will always give you honest feedback and recommend the most appropriate course of action, whether it be a plea bargain or trial.

No matter the route, we will always fight in an uncompromising manner for your rights, ensuring that you receive due process at every turn. We are the hard‑nosed, thorough, and impassioned champions you need if facing any criminal charges.

Harbinson & Brzykcy, Attorneys at Law will listen intently to your side of any criminal case. We will meticulously point out every strength and weakness in an objective and thoughtful manner. Whether we negotiate a deal with the prosecution or pursue a better remedy through trial, our approach will be the same as we fiercely advocate for the most expedient and favorable outcome.

If you have been charged with a crime, the last thing you want is to have your attorney rushing from one courthouse to another, juggling a massive caseload. Hiring the right attorney, the one who will devote himself entirely to your defense, is of paramount importance. Harbinson & Brzykcy, Attorneys at Law is the firm you need if you are facing a criminal charge.

By retaining our law office, you will get more than merely a competent and qualified criminal defense attorney; you will get a trusted ally who fully understands the critical importance of clearing your good name -- and your hard‑earned reputation -- in the aftermath of an accusation levied against you.